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A Vision for a Sustainable University
Vital Community Trent Lands

At Trent University we envision a sustainable and inspiring campus community, thoughtfully integrating the natural and built environments, with vibrant places to learn, live, innovate, and be active.

A commitment to a better future runs through the University, enabled by the dialogue that takes place in our small class sizes and a focus on our small environmental footprint. The Trent Lands Plan is a vision of what a sustainable community can be – a remarkable opportunity to advance our understanding of the environment while ensuring the personal, transformative learning environment at Trent is preserved and celebrated.

Trent's natural setting is more than a backdrop to our campus.

The cherished environment defines us and is the reason we are committed to retaining more than half of the Trent Lands as natural areas and greenspace.

60% natural areas and greenspace
Core Campus
University Lands

Learn Here

The land can teach us so much of what we need to know.

Students, faculty, and researchers from around the world come together at Trent University to learn from the land and from each other. The Trent Lands Plan is our campus master plan, designed to enhance the pursuit of our mission; to be a place of transformative learning with a focus on environmental stewardship, social justice, and community development.

A sense of place is truly demonstrative of what it means to learn and grow at Trent University. It is expressed in spaces like the new Student Centre, designed to connect to the landscape, and the seamless transition from the classroom to our many outdoor learning spaces.

Knowledge leads to

Innovate Here

We are a blade of grass, making the impact of a forest.

Innovation is woven into the culture at Trent. From our world-class water quality centre, and the revolutionary approach to bridging western and indigenous knowledge, to groundbreaking work on aging well, Trent students and faculty are recognized for excellence in research and academic inquiry. The Trent Lands Plan seeks ways to advance this innovation, and bring together communities from within and outside the University to collaborate and forge new ideas.

Located on the Trent Lands, the Cleantech Commons at Trent University, Canada's premier cleantech destination, will be home to leading start-up enterprises such as Noblegen. Driven by curiosity and passion to create a healthier world, Noblegen is connecting the talent and resources at Trent to the global market.

World-class innovation.
Innovation for the world.

Learn more about Noblegen and Cleantech Commons

Be Active Here

Building a culture centred on wellness.

The energy and life of a community is generated through communal activity. Whether it's swimming at the local aquatic centre, hockey at the arena, cycling along pathways, or a hike in the Nature Areas, activity brings us together.

The Trent Lands are an important destination for recreation and sports in our community, with more than 30 km of nature trails, playing fields, and the community sport and recreation centre. Our campus brings the community together to enhance health, vitality, and wellbeing.

Healthy lives
connected to nature.

Live Here

Those who learn to live amongst nature, learn to love nature.

Complete communities bring us together to live, work, and play. Inspiring public spaces encourage conversation, invite activity, and connect generations.

“Communities that are environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, and economically viable are suitably positioned to respond to changes in the natural and built environment, changes which ultimately impact both the health of communities and the planet.”

Konrad Otto-Zimmermann (Foreword).
Toward Sustainable Communities, 4th Edition, 2012

Inspired by Trent's ground-breaking 1964 master plan, we dream of a complete and sustainable community on the Trent Lands. A community which showcases our environmental expertise and animates the campus and local communities.

Sustainable Community.
Resilient University.